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25 of the Best Irish Movies of All Time 🇮‍🇪

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

The time has finally arrived and our exclusive print magazine will be hitting Ballito and all the Slow lounges across South Africa in a couple of days! But because you're a subscriber, you get it right here, right now!

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Another week, another weekend, and another edition of The Weekender… I’ve really been looking forward to receiving the latest free sampling of the week’s best discoveries (as curated by the Life & Style team) delivered straight to my inbox - so imagine my delight when I got invited to write the intro to this week’s edition!

Usually, this is where I would provide you with a tantalising summary of all the juicy tidbits (articles, reviews, recommendations, & interviews) contained in this hot-off-the-press, latest issue of the hottest subscription email in the Southern Hemisphere.

The truth is, though, that as I write this I have absolutely no idea what the latest issue contains or what the other members of the team have been working on for this week’s vivacious, virtual magazine/newsletter. I’m honestly as excited to find out as you no doubt are! I’m certain that it’s jam-packed with an eclectic mix of fascinating and stimulating news and views served up as a buffet of bite-sized, skimmable snacks that will amaze and delight readers of all ages - all for the fabulous price of R0.00 (it seems the best things in life really are free).

*Refreshments will now be served…

- Mike


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Things we love

Yolis Bakery

Last Friday the Life & Style team had an amazing in-store experience with the guys from On Cloud and we all got kitted with a new pair of On's. After taking my own pair of On's for a spin on the Umhlanga promenade this weekend, it's safe to say they really do feel like you are running on clouds. A bit of history on the On brand: it was born in the Swiss alps with one goal – to revolutionise the sensation of running. It’s all based on one radical idea. Soft landings followed by explosive take-offs. Or, as we call it, running on clouds.

Me and B

Nokwanda, our very own Radio Life & Style News Anchor, has moved out of the newsroom and into the kitchen with this amazing and easy-to-make Japanese Ramen noodle dish by Pick n Pay fresh living. Give it a try!

Machine Worx

The Boathouse luxury venue boasts endless ocean views, four-star accommodation and wedding and conference facilities. If you're in the Ballito area, The Boat House has the Thava Indian Restaurant. Serving elegant and scrumptious Southern Indian cuisine incorporating a range of Northern Indian favourites, they have a Butter Chicken curry with garlic naan that you won't be able to get enough of!

Girl in Bikini Ballito

Remember that famous ad by Ernest Shackleton? The one that went something like: Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low wages, bitter cold, long hours of complete darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in event of success. Yeah, that one! He was also one of the key people to chart Antartica. Recently his sunken ship, The Endurance, was found, and it's a truly fascinating bit of history.

Dandelions are a much sought-after springtime treat in Europe, where it is cultivated for salad and as a medicinal plant. Use the leaves in a poultice for rashes, bites and wounds as dandelion contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Young leaves are fantastic in salads, and you might as well chuck in some pretty flower petals too. Dandelions are particularly rich in minerals, especially calcium, iron and Vitamin K as well. They are great on a cheese sandwich. The leaves can be added to soups, stews or cooked with other greens as a relish.

If you're considering adopting a new best friend and you live in the Cape Town area, head down to Oscar's Arc WOOF project. This organisation is doing incredible work to find homes for pups of all persuasions. Visit one of their pop up adoption sites at the V&A Waterfront, Constantia Village shopping centre or the promenade this weekend. You're bound to get your heart stolen in record time.


WORTHY 5: Leana Duminy

Five recommendations by KuierTyd co-host and teacher, Leana Duminy.

Anneline Peacock - kuier Tyd Host

A book worth reading: The "Culture Map" by Erin Meyer. If you would like to understand different ways of communicating in your working spaces, this book is must.

A video worth watching: At the 2016 Global Leadership Summit, Erin Meyer, Professor at INSEAD and author of The Culture Map, identifies a systematic approach to decode how cultural differences are impacting your work and apply strategies to bridge those cultural differences.

A word worth knowing: No. To say no in today’s world is such an important aspect, not only for youngsters but for each and everyone out there.

A quote worth repeating: "There is nothing that runs out as fast as many”- my dad

A place worth visiting: South Africa. I love my country. No place like home! Proudly South African!


Heard & read

A pick what we've been listening to and read that's caught our eye.

The Time Traveller's Wife - Audrey Niffenegger

Beautifully written and incredibly difficult to put down, "The Time Traveller's Wife" is an extraordinary love story of Clare and Henry who met when Clare was six and Henry was thirty-six, and were married when Clare was twenty-two and Henry was thirty. Henry suffers from Chrono-impairment, a rare genetic condition which find him travelling through time to his past or future. Can they build a normal life across time?

We adore Orville Peck's nostalgic country sound. The masked singer's rich voice will transport you to a world of cowboys, rodeos and desert highways in the middle of the night.





Curated selection of good reads

How Vulnerable is the World? 🌍 A dark but fascinating and timely read about humanity’s chances of developing a new technology with the potential to erase our species and the question of how far we would be willing to go to stop that from happening. Read more

25 of the Best Irish Movies of All Time 🇮‍🇪 What are you doing tomorrow? Drinking a green beer? Making green eggs and ham? Corned beef? Skipping all of it? Here's our plan. Stay at home and the enjoy a proper pint (or three) while watching a movie (or three). What movie(s)? Well, we're not not allergic to the St Patrick's Day theme, so we'll be tuning into some of the best Irish movies of all time. Who's with us? Read more

Landmarks ☀ Xee Summer is an incredible South African illustrator and designer. Read our interview with her here as we explore her Cape Town Landmarks series. Read more

How Much Exercise Do You Need? 🏃 We all know moving more has a vast range of long-term benefits for our health. But how much exercise do we need to keep the body functioning optimally? Read more


Coast to Coast

Aesthetically pleasing images from opposites ends of South Africa

Bikini Beach

Cape Town sunset

hollar Trails

Durban sunset


Top of the pods

Overhead on the podcast this week:

Sex in Afrikaans

On the third episode of Straight Up Candid, qualified clinical psychologist Nqobile M sits down with CLG to unpack the journey of healing from emotionally abusive relationships. Nqobile helps us identify what a gaslighter really is and how to spot narcissistic behaviour... Because your mental health matters. Listen on Life & Style podcasts


🚙 Engen Ballito - Treat yourself and your favourite people to a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner from our Barcelos Engen Ballito while you get your car washed! Click here for more 💅My Nail Lady - Have a special occasion and need your nails to be on fleek? My Nail Lady create tiny works of art on your tiny tips. Book your appointment here 🍸Al Pescatore - Al Pescatore is a restaurant built on a foundation of exceptional and creative ingredient combinations creating a whole new, unique food flavour, with a wine & cocktail menu to match. Come visit us for a dining experience like no other. Click here for more


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