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All senses awakened

Imagine a place where you can taste the fire of Africa, feel the pulse of its culture, 

and join the movement of its people... 

A place where you can indulge in the legendary PERi-PERi chicken, marinated in the African Bird’s Eye chilli that gives it its signature flavour and heat. A place where you can immerse yourself in local artworks and design that showcase the diversity and vibrancy of our Southern African culture. That place is Nando’s; more than just a casual restaurant brand, it’s a fiery celebration of Southern African heart and soul.

Nando’s staked its claim as the country’s most loved PERi-PERi brand, but has quickly become a destination for adventure, inspiration, flavour and impact. It’s a place where you can discover the stories, passions, and values that make Nando’s more than just a food brand. It’s a place where you can connect with a broader purpose and a world of creativity that extends far beyond the walls of its restaurants.

For over two decades, Nando’s has supported local emerging artists, designers and musicians, providing them with opportunities, mentorship, and exposure. 

Its Art Initiative is a vibrant platform that enables artists to express their unique creativity and cultural identity. Guests can admire these captivating artworks on the walls of every Nando’s Casa, locally and abroad. All the artworks in Nando’s restaurants are one-of-a-kind pieces made by Southern African artists and are preserved as a private collection, making it the largest of its kind in the world.

Additionally, Nando’s  pushes the boundaries of design with innovative décor in all the Casas, through the  Hot Young Designer competition that’s been around since 2016. The result of the initiative is a bold and eclectic exhibition that features a variety of furniture, lighting, and pattern designs that can be enjoyed at any Nando’s restaurant,– further demonstration of the brand’s commitment to supporting and showcasing Southern African creativity to 

the world. 

Nando’s also shares a passion for the region’s music, with a focus on mentoring and empowering local young  musicians looking to make a name for themselves in the industry. Its long standing commitment to growing the music artists of tomorrow is demonstrated in its partnership with Bridges for Music – an NPO that provides mentorships and essential skills training to developing artists around the country. It’s a platform where musical talent shines brightly. 

At the heart of the Nando’s brand lies a deep passion for people. Ethical sourcing is one of the many ways in which the brand demonstrates its commitment to the various farming communities.  Nando’s sources its famous chillies from small-scale farmers across Southern Africa, enriching their lives with fair prices, training, and support. For the coffee enthusiast, Nando’s introduced a new Gorongosa Blend in selected restuarants, including Ballito Drive-Thru. This blend is a magical combination of Ethiopian Sidamo, Tanzanian Kilimanjaro and Mozambiquan Gorongosa, together exhibiting a strawberry aroma with crisp acidity and a sweet citrus finish. Besides being a quality and delicious product, Nando’s selection of Bean There as a supplier, is because of the alignment in values. Direct fair trade means producers receive a fair payment for their coffee through equal engagement, regardless of market fluctuations, which ensures their community development and empowerment. 

Beyond the kitchen, Nando’s supports organisations such as Goodbye Malaria in  the fight against malaria; changing lives in Mozambique using an innovative spray technology that repels mosquitoes. While Nando’s is a South African born brand, there is a deep connection to Mozambique because this is where the brand’s PERi-PERi was cooked for the first time, and to this day; much of the chilli comes from PERi-Farms in that region

So, we invite you to come and savour not only the delicious chicken at Nando’s, but also the unique experiences and the greater social impact that these create. It’s a place where guests can celebrate a myriad of life’s facets: culture, creativity, flavours, sustainability, and compassion. It’s a place where you’re not just a guest: you’re a vital part of something much greater.


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