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Five worthy things by runner and Biokineticist, Nic Acampora


A piece of advice worth passing on - Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

An instagram account worth following - @moveu

This educational account will help you learn about how to look after your body from an exercise perspective doing so in a different and funky way that makes it simple for everyone to relate to and follow.

A place worth visiting - Tembe Elephant Park

This is my favourite bush getaway, it's simple, raw and not pretentious. You get to appreciate the beauty and peace of northern KZN thanks to this colonial style safari camp. The camp is community run and the deep rooted feeling of home shines through, all the way from the food and hospitality to the game drives.

An app worth downloading - Strava

If you are a fitness fanatic you need to join the biggest fitness social media platform. Strava allows you to track your progress and take part in challenges all whilst creating a community around the sport you love.

A podcast worth listening to - Trained

This Nike podcast dives into topics related to health and training sharing experiences and stories from leading health and fitness professionals as well as athletes.



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