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Yori ōkī Sushi Grill

A Modern Japanese Culinary Odyssey

Nestled within the chic Eat Street enclave of the Ballito Lifestyle Centre, Yori Oki Sushi & Grill beckons with an invitation to embark on a modern Japanese gastronomic journey that transcends the ordinary.

As you step into Yori Oki, the fusion of contemporary Japanese aesthetics and upscale comfort envelopes you. The interior is a careful dance of minimalist elegance and plush coziness, setting the stage for an experience that is at once refined and inviting.

While Yori Oki takes sushi seriously, it's not bound by tradition alone. The centerpiece is, of course, its exquisite sushi, where every roll is a testament to culinary artistry. Yet, the menu expands beyond to embrace the essence of modern Japanese cuisine with a medley of small plates, dim sum, robatayaki grilled offerings, and divine desserts.

The symphony of flavours at Yori Oki isn't content with the expected; it thrives on reimagining taste. The chefs embrace innovation, crafting dishes that blend the classic and the contemporary, creating an experience that tantalizes even the most adventurous palate.

Amid the culinary delights, Yori Oki embodies the modern Japanese spirit of seamless hospitality. The staff embodies the "omotenashi" philosophy, curating an experience that marries genuine warmth with attentive service. From the presentation of dishes to the art of anticipation, every element contributes to an experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Yori Oki Sushi & Grill is more than a restaurant; it's an homage to modern Japanese culture, where flavour, design, and hospitality converge. It's an oasis for those seeking a contemporary twist on the classic, where each visit is a step into a world where tradition meets the avant-garde in the most delectable way.

So, if you're ready to embark on a culinary odyssey that pays homage to modern Japanese cuisine, Yori Oki Sushi & Grill is your destination. Experience a symphony of flavours in an ambiance that embraces the best of both worlds – modernity and tradition – all while indulging in an evening that captures the essence of modern Japanese sophistication.

Yori ōkī

Ballito Lifestyle Centre

087 711 2001


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