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8 Boredom-Busters for Healthy, Happy Hounds

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Happy looking dogs

Enrichment is an important aspect of raising a happy, balanced dog, and should form a part of their daily routine. Dogs love to play, think and solve problems! Here are some really easy DIY dog enrichment toys and games that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Knotted Towel Treat Game

Dog playing with a towel

This is a great way to stimulate your hound’s foraging instincts. Place some treats in an old towel, roll it up diagonally and tie it in a knot. Your pup will have loads of fun trying to figure out how to get to the goods!

Muffin Tin Dog Puzzle

Dog sniffing tennis balls

All you need for this enrichment toy is a muffin tin, some tennis balls and your dog’s favourite treats. Pop a few treats in each of the muffin tray’s compartments, then place a tennis ball over each one. A great way to exercise problem solving skills!

Stuffed Tennis Ball

Treat inside tennis ball

This one will keep your pup busy for ages! Cut a slit in a tennis ball and fill it up with kibble or treats. See how long it takes Fido to figure it out!

Frozen Peanut Butter Kong

Frozen peanut butter

A great option for dogs with separation anxiety, licking and chewing relieve anxiety and engage some basic drives which will leave your dog feeling calmer.

Stuff a Kong toy with peanut butter and freeze it overnight. The tasty result will keep your pup busy for ages.

Snuffle Box

A corgi in a box

Sprinkle some treats at the bottom of a cardboard box, then fill the box with balled up newspaper. The snuffle is on!

DIY Lick Mat

Dog licking food off a lick mat

Lick mats are a great stress reliever for pooches, but they can be pricey. Don’t bother splurging – you can make an effective lick mat with a simple cutting board or an ice tray!

Spread peanut butter over a plastic cutting board on in a standard ice tray, freeze it over night, and voila!

Scatter Feed

Dogs feed in the grass

Pups love to use their snoots, and scent games are a really good form of enrichment. Chuck a handful of treats or kibble up in the air and let them enjoy sniffing the tasty morsels out. To add difficulty, play this on the lawn!

Bone Broth Ice Cubes

Frozen Bone broth ice cubes

Great for summer. Freeze some bone broth in an ice tray and treat your pup to a refreshing ice block in the hotter summer months. Bonus: ice cubes slip and slide, which are fun to chase.


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