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Loadshedding Gadgets You Definitely Need

Loadshedding is hitting catastrophic levels, with Eskom warning South Africans to brace for increased outages this week. Here are some nifty gadgets that will help you deal with that Level 6 Life.

Stovetop Kettle and Gas Burner

Kettle: R550 from Woolworths

2 Plate Gas Burner Table: R599 from Outdoor Warehouse

We all know the feeling. You meant to make that cup of tea before the power went out, but now it’s too late! Somehow the lack of hot beverage makes the darkness deepen. If you have a gas stove, invest in a stovetop kettle to keep the coffee coming. If you don’t have a gas stove, you can purchase a small gas-bottle burner to heat your kettle or make smaller meals during loadshedding. Well worth the investment!

LED Smart Bulbs

LED Smart Bulb: About R150 from @Home

Plug these LED smart bulbs into any lamp or light fitting and they recharge while switched on. When the power goes out, the bulb automatically switches to its internal battery and keeps operating as usual, giving you uninterrupted light.

Touch Lights

Touch Lights: About R300 from Takealot.

These battery-operated touch lights are a lifesaver when you’re fumbling around in the dark. Screw-less installation mean you can mount them anywhere without a drill. Great for stairwells and bathrooms.


UPS: Currently on special for about R500 from Takealot.

What’s worse than sitting in the dark with nothing to do? Keep the Netflix coming with a UPS system for your Wifi router. When the power goes out, the UPS switches to its internal battery and will keep your internet working, so you can carry on with your work or leisure activities, uninterrupted. They're cheaper than you'd expect, and well worth it.

Surge Protective Power Strips

Surge Protective Power Strip: About R200 from Dischem

Protect your electrical equipment by installing surge-protective power strips. Power strips with surge protection stop your electrical equipment from being fried when the power surges back on. The Ellies Electrical brand is a good bet in terms of quality-for-price.


Energizer headlamp: About R450 from Cape Union Mart

Forget the roaming around your home, candle in hand like a Victorian ghost – if you need two hands free, you need a nifty headlamp to light your way. We liked this Energizer Vision HD+ headlamp for its water resistance and multiple modes.

Power Bank

Romoss Power Bank: R499 from Takealot

Got caught short on 3% phone battery? A power bank can be an absolute (battery) life saver. This one from Romoss can be used to charge phones and tablets, and should be good for up to three full charges.


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