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Worthy 5 - Lucia Borrelli

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Five recommendations by fashion designer, business owner and creative director Lucia Borrelli.


Lucia Borrelli

A piece of advice worth passing on:

“Stay in your lane”. I think in life it is easy to get consumed by what others are doing and what they are achieving and then doubting ourselves and our talents. It’s so important to try and focus whole heartedly in what we do and what we believe in that staying in your own lane is so important. We all have goals and some people might achieve them quicker than others but it doesn’t mean that because someone has done it quicker than you, it makes you less productive or less than. That’s why I strongly believe it’s so important to stay in your lane and to focus on your journey. All we need to worry about is focusing what is in front of us and the task at hand, keep moving forward, believing and pushing as it will always pay off!

An Instagram account worth following:

@wetheurban. One of the most powerful and meaningful Instagram accounts I follow. I read each of their impactful quotes everyday. It’s an account that celebrates inclusivity and self love and respect.

P.S. - @_luciaofficial also isn’t too bad ;)

A book worth reading:

“Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine”. This is one of my favourite books! Its brilliantly written, humorous and deep. It touches base on mental illness, healing, trauma, friendship, hardship and love. It’s amazing to see how someone that is has been so hard done by still finds kindness in her heart and day to day activities.

A Recipe worth trying:

My Overnight Oats

½ cup oats | 1tsp chia seeds | 100ml coconut milk (Milk Lab) |50ml oat milk (Butternut) | Cinnamon | 2 tbsp low fat Gourmet Greek yogurt | Honey | 1/4 cup blueberries | 1/2 apple.

Leave over night. You can substitute milks for milks of choice and fruits that you prefer. I sometimes love just blueberries and then just apple. All about personal preference although the above recipe together its delish and so so healthy and nutritious!

An activity worth doing:

Walking. It’s by far the most underrated exercise! Im not big on running so walking is my running. It has helped me so much in lockdown and it’s now something I do almost daily. It’s so good for my mental health and such a great addition to my fitness routine too.

A quote worth repeating:

"Work hard in silence let success be your noise". - Frank Ocean


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