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The Best Animated Shows for Adults

Who said cartoons are just for kids?

If you haven’t climbed aboard the adult animation train yet, it’s time to hop on. There are some brilliantly written, fabulously entertaining animated shows which are about to become your top go-to’s for TV time. Here are our 4 favourites.

Bob’s Burgers

This wonderfully witty animated sitcom follows the lives and adventures of the Belcher family as they navigate a never-ending string of outrageous adventures in a small sea-side town. Sometimes heartfelt, often philosophical and always funny, this show delivers airtight 20 minute episodes that will delight you.

Bojack Horseman

Bojack Horseman is a washed up soap star of the 1990s battling with depression and addiction. He’s also a horse. Flanked by a host of anthropomorphic hangers-on, including his cat agent Princess Caroline (voiced by Amy Sedaris), Bojack battles his demons and tries to find meaning and purpose. An infinitely quirky, brilliantly written and deeply philosophical show, Bojack Horseman is consistently ranked as one of the best animated shows ever made.

Big Mouth

A glorious coming-of-age sitcom, Big Mouth features an all-star cast including Jordan Peele, John Mulany and Maya Rudolph, as well as some of the best comedy writers in the business. The show follows a group of newly minted teenagers as they navigate puberty, as guided by their invisible hormone monsters. Sounds wild? It’s absolutely off the wall, and we guarantee you’ll love it.

Rick and Morty

If you like a bit of science fiction, this show is for you. The series follows the misadventures of mad scientist Rick and his nervous grandson Morty as they traverse time, space and multiple dimensions in Rick’s flying car, getting into all manner of serious scrapes. It’s snappy, satisfying, hilarious, and very much adults-only.


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