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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

By Steve Honeysett.

With lockdown having us all restricted to our homes, we have not been able to do any adventures so Seaweed Steve thought he might try his hand at a Nancy Drew type mystery story this month.

The inspiration for this story came while I was out patrolling the beaches to ensure everybody adheres to the lockdown rules. As I passed the Salt Rock tidal pool, I came across a clump of fishing line with some bones tangled up in it. Thinking this to be strange, I picked it up and, as I disposed of it in the refuse bin, I suddenly had a flash back to 1993 when Ian Jones, a young sailor from Durban who had been camping at the caravan park, disappeared while diving in front of the tidal pool. I had met Ian some months prior to the incident as he had been working for Agenda Yacht Services on the Esplanade opposite the yacht clubs, and he had helped me to set up our radio network by supplying us with some marine VHF two-way radios.


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