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By Leah Acampora.


A good day of movement has a different meaning for everyone. For some, it’s

successfully clocking their 10 000 steps on their fitness device. For others, it may be more complex. “Movement is medicine”, has become a pop-culture phrase that works.

Injuries, pain and discomfort affect people differently. It’s easy to ignore a whining knee if you spend your days couch surfing and channel flipping, but those who choose a more active lifestyle might find the pain debilitating without therapy to overcome it. These are the stories of real people who have taken their medicine without a spoonful of sugar, but with squats and lunges instead:

- Shreyen Moodley and Angus Eaton

Angus Eaton

Angus Eaton is an 11-year-old boy who is on the Autism Spectrum. His parents, Andrew and Paula, shed some light on Angus’ journey from discovering his developmental delays at 9 months old to their decision to introduce biokinetic sessions as part of his therapy.

“Angus has had a lot of therapy over the years. Since we have embarked on a neurological approach to brain development, we have realised the importance of reflex integration within the brainstem and how this is supported by building better postural strength. Biokinetics is a key element in stimulating the brain.”

“Angus’ overall improved strength has assisted us greatly by reducing autism symptoms that often make our family life extremely challenging.”

The Eaton’s believe that biokinetic sessions could be beneficial to others if the bio approach is flexible enough not to be too sensitive on tough days and to find ways to keep the child motivated. Angus looks forward to his sessions with biokineticist Shreyen Moodley and has become popular at the gym.

As emphasised by these stories, movement goals may differ, but Biokinetics will help you to start walking YOUR walk.

- Nic Acampora and Pam Eglinton

Pam Eglington

Pam Eglington is an 80-year-old Estate Agent who recently reluctantly retired. Pam began biokinetic sessions with Nic Acampora after she had not one, but three hip operations (as result of a fall, broken femur, and a failed fusion of the replacement).

Being an active person with an outgoing nature, Pam found her misfortune difficult to bear. “I felt like a hopeless case!” she recalls. From being constantly on-the-move, she now had to rely on walking frames and crutches which greatly affected her lifestyle and work. She also suffered greatly with immobility because of the scar tissue.

In the three years since Pam started her rehabilitation with Nic, she has returned to her profession as an agent, retired her crutches and improved on her ability to walk unassisted so much that she has happily continued regular training at the gym.

“Nic saved my life, he restored my hope and encouraged me when I felt despondent, assuring me that, we would win this war. I am thankful to have come this far, I am someone who believes that I can only make the best of myself - there is no point in comparison - I will continue training until I die.”

Pam believes that anyone who is experiencing a form of disability that is preventing them from living a full life can benefit from biokinetics.

- David Fick

David Fick

David Fick, or @daveyontherun as you may know him from Instagram, came from a “running-only background” before starting high-performance training at SABio with Nic Acampora. At some point in every athlete’s career, it’s likely that they will reach a point where they feel they are “maxing out”, which is what Davey recalls. He felt that he was doing his best but couldn’t reach that next 1-2% of his performance, or at least not without getting injured in the process. ITB, tight hamstrings and calf injuries were regular struggles for Davey. “I wanted to improve my performance, but, although I had a background of exercising in the gym, I needed conditioning that was specific to running.”

“Since I started training with Nic, my knowledge and awareness of my body has improved so much! I don’t only want to treat injuries when they occur, I want to be proactive and understand how to train sustainably to maintain my body. In our sessions, Nic makes what we’re doing and why very clear. I have learnt how to self-manage my niggles and pains.”

Davey believes that biokinetic services should be embraced by anyone who is performance driven and wants to work on their weaknesses. “In the future, I see biokinetic services incorporated into athlete’s training, not just for the ‘pro’s’, but at all levels from ground-roots up.”

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