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Updated: Mar 19, 2022

Two Dalton/Wartburg friends, Margie and Candace, together with Margie’s son Lance, took a trip to the KZN Midlands in 2019 and they loved it so much that they all moved to Nottingham Road in January 2020. It had long been Lance’s dream to work as a chef and, with Margie and Candace’s love of people, they decided to combine their skills and to take on the challenge of a new adventure. Margie and Candace each have three children, all of whom have grown up together and are good friends. The decision for Margie to leave the family farm in the care of her eldest son and start a Bed and Breakfast was made after Lance became a chef. He was determined to pursue his passion for food; growing it, preparing it and serving it and had enrolled at Jackie Cameron’s School of Food and Wine in Hilton in 2018.


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