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Co-founders Wendy van Zyl and Stephanie Wilkes empower women by boosting confidence.

In our stores, we play "personal stylists," unveiling inner beauty.

Photography: Pagiel Chetty

Styling: Danielle Henry

Hair & makeup: Kiss & Make-Up


Passionate about style and quality, MUZE curates collections that draw from the power of color to inspire and navigate the world around us. Our clothes are made by South African women, supporting sustainable fashion.

Authentic designs, limited releases, and careful craftsmanship define us. We blend seasonal trends for timeless style. Our capsule wardrobe approach creates adaptable, lasting fashion beyond trends. Inclusivity matters. Every woman finds her fit, enjoying personalized shopping. Shopping here is empowering, not just transactional. Our staff offers expert guidance. MUZE is at Ballito Lifestyle and Gateway, offering tailored experiences. Ready for a style journey? Embrace your uniqueness with us, inspired by the wonders of color and nature this Spring. Stand tall, be unashamedly you. illustrators, animators and designers, the core of Studio MUTI is its ability to amalgamate all of the unique styles that each member is specialised in to form a harmonious vision that can cater to whatever challenge is brought forth to them.


“Colour is a power that directly influences the soul.” - Wassily Kadinsk

Our predisposed associations and personal experiences with colour greatly impact our perception of the world. Ultimately, colour help us navigate the world around us and add richness to our lives, inspiring artists, poets and creatives throughout history.

This season, we announce Spring with a bold burst of colour; stand tall and be unashamedly you and draw inspiration from nature and the beauty that surrounds us - paying close attention to our wonderous, colourful, awe-inspiring creation. Cinched in waistlines, off-the-shoulder tops and relaxed silhouettes and of course, BOLD pops of colour welcome in the warmer weather and the celebration of changing seasons!


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