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Best Burgers in Ballito

Updated: Aug 11, 2022


In celebration of international burger day we decided to find the best burgers on the North Coast and in the Cape Town area. I'm a burger fan, in fact I would even go so far to say that I'm actually a burger snob, because its not not just a meal but rather the whole act of eating a burger is an experience. Ballito in recent years become a hub for foodies so we decided that it was good idea to find out where the best burgers in Ballito are.

Now let's dig in!

Chicken burger

If chicken is your thing, Bird n' Co make a bohemoth of a burger called the B & C Burger. Done with a crispy Luisiana style breast, paired together with a healthy helping of lettuce, tomato, red onion, coleslaw (yes coleslaw!!) and their delicious secret sauce. At R82, this is definitely something that will fill you up beyond measure. An added bonus is there heavy helping of fries that are bound to make you feel as if you're having a food baby.

Price: R82

Where: Bird n' Co

What we think: 7.5/10

succulent looking beef burger

The Famous Toast. Located at The Ballito Lifestyle Center, Toast has become a popular hotspot for breakfast, and they happen do a burger as well, so we decided to see how it holds up against the rest of our list. Overall the burger felt too overfilled with extras and we'd prefer a more cleaner experience. Price: R95

Where: Toast

What we think: 6/10

Juicy looking beef burger

Next on our roster, we have the famous Robsons here at the Lifestyle Center. This meal boasts of chessiness with a pub style patty, topped the special Robson's sauce and a side of crispy fries. A downer is the unseasoned fries which could of had a better bite. Fries to need to compliment a burger, so we took 2 off our score.

Price: R96

Where: Robsons

What we think: 8/10

happy dad with son

What’s better than a cheeseburger and chips? Two cheeseburgers and chips! Yami Salt Rock delivers the goods with a tasty cheeseburger special that serves up two perfectly-garnished, cheesy beauties along with a double portion of fries and two 300ml soft drinks - all for the very reasonable price of R139.00… The burgers might not be the biggest, but who says you have to share?

Price: R139.00 for 2x Cheseburgers, Chips & 2x 300ml Soft Drinks

Where: Yami Salt Rock

What we think: 7/10

bacon burger with cheese and juicy beef patty

The succulent pure beef patty is the star of the show, perfectly seared to medium rare sitting pretty in its seeded brioche bun. Bursting with flavor from the first bite to last, the 45 burger is topped with mature cheese, perfectly crisp bacon, a sweet onion and cranberry relish and rocket.

Be sure to order with an appetite, this burger is served along side arguably the best onion rings and fries with freshly made ketchup to seal the deal.

Price: R145

Where: 45 on Eat Street

What we think: 10/10!!

cheese burger with spinage and fires

Did you know they butchery Wozza Meats in the Lifestyle Center does burgers! May not look like much but we highly recommended the Wozza beef burger, this just ticks all the boxes that you should look forward to in a burger. Juicy, cheesy and the best chips and spinach in town and for the price. Really worth it.

Price: R65

Where: Wozza Meats Lifestyle Center.

What we think: 10/10 Solid!


If you ever find yourself in the mother city for whatever reason, we have a few suggestions there for you as well!

Best burgers in cape town

Nestled amongst some of the most popular bars in the ever-bustling Kloof Street area, a quick stop at Junior Burgers is almost mandatory after having one too many Pickleback shots at The Power and The Glory. With it’s prime location, quirky aesthetic and it’s eagerness to collaborate with local brands on limited and experimental menu items, Junior Burgers has become an establishment within the culture of the Cape Town CBD.

Price: R69

Where: Junior Burgers Cape Town

What we think: 7.5/10

juicy looking cheese burger in cape town

As someone with little-to-no practical life skills, I don’t cook a lot for myself. And, until the day that I switch off the push notifications from my Uber Eats app on my phone, that probably won’t change anytime soon. Through my lack of sufficient self-care and regular need for sustenance, I have become very familiar with Buddy’s Burgers. Operating as a ghost kitchen (a catering venue that is solely focused on providing takeaway meals), Buddy’s specialize in delivering unpretentious and consistently delicious burgers

Price: R80

Where: Buddy’s Burgers (CPT)

What we think: 9/10

With this cheeseburger and it's generous portion of rosemary skinny fries, this is not the most affordable burger combo out there, but considering quality, flavour and straight up artistry, we think the Taproom Cheeseburger is worth the spend. The patty, succulent and perfectly seasoned with a 100% beef patty. You can request your preferred temperature, but it comes medium-rare as a standard. Plant-based alternatives are available!

Price: R110

Where: Rennie Shaw

What we think: 11/10!!!

Mac n‘ Cheese on a Luisiana style Chicken Burger. Just think about that for a moment. Located just outside Scottburgh this tiny cafe probably made one of the better burgers I’ve had in a very very long time. 10/10 worth the trip! Sadly I never got a picture of this behemoth of a burger

Price: R165

Where: RennieShaw village Cafe

what we think: 10/10…straight up!



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