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8 of The Best Toasted Cheese Sandwiches in Ballito.

The mighty toasted cheese Sandwich, the pinnacle of all comfort food that the human race has graced us with. The toasted cheese sandwich proudly sits right up there on the list of the all time best comfort foods along side pizza, sushi, nachos, burgers, the works.

We all have those days where we just feel like a good ol’ toastie, maybe even with a side of fries, so we decided to dish out the deets of where you can find the best toasted sandwiches in Ballito.

Here are some of our favourite spots.

Food Fundi

Toasted Sandwich from Food Fundi

To start off this list, we have the guys over at Food Fundi, located at Sugar Rush just outside Ballito, the cheesyness is a perfect combination of top quality mozzarella and white cheddar for both taste and texture. For the price tag, you're getting a pretty sweet deal for a decent toasted sando.

Price - R50

Cheesyness - 5/5

Crunch - 4/5

String factor - 100/5

X factor - No oily residue


Toasted cheese from Yolis

Here is a new take on the "toasted sandwich". Rather than an toasted sandwich, we have a toasted cheese croissant that is thicker than a brick and cheesier than a bad dad joke. At R41, you're bound to get your fills worth. Yolis is located at the Lifestyle Center right opposite our very own Radio Life and Style.

Price - R41

Cheesyness - 4/5 (3 cheese combo)

Crunch - 5/5

String factor - 0/5

X factor - Very filling

Woolies Cafe

Woolworths toasted sandwich

Ahhhh woolies, the go-to-hangout for all the stay-at-home Ballito moms and now apparently, a pretty damn good toasted cheese sandwich. Here is a mozzarella, cream cheese, mature cheddar & wholegrain mustard on farmstyle white. This toastie packs a nice punch for R48. Also an added bonus, order yourself a Tomato Soup on the side as a “dipping sauce” to amplify this toastie!

Price - R48

Cheesyness - 5/5

Crunch - 5/5

String factor - 4/5

X factor - The mix of cheeses made for the perfect combo and the addition of the whole grain mustard upped the entire flavour profile of the humble sarmie.


Toast toasted cheese sandwich

Toast! I mean, its only fitting that Toast Ballito would have one of the better toasted cheese sandwiches, right? We went and got their Classic toasted sandwhich that arrived with a friendly waiter and the day was starting to look brighter; yes, because of that yellow cheesy goodness that was peeking through! The Classic Cheese Toast came with a bright salad that had a yummy dressing! It's not often that I enjoy healthy food, but we could eat that salad every single day. All of this for a swanky price of R50!

Price - R50

Cheesyness - 3/5

Crunch - 4/5

String factor - 2/5

X factor - Salad?????

Wimpy at the Lifestyle Center

Wimpy toasted sandwich

We had to put wimpy on this list. It's basically sacrilege not stop off at a wimpy on a long road trip. Pictured here is the toasted cheese and tomato. I'll be honest, at R48 bucks, this is not worth it. But hey, who can say no to those wimpy chips. They just slap different. I'll rate wimpy toastie a 6/10. For the convenience and to fill the void, go for it.

Price - R48

Cheesyness - 3/5

Crunch - 2/5 (soggy)

String factor - 2/5

X factor - Wimpy chips...need I say more. They slap different.

Zaras Cafe

Zara's Cafe toasted sandwich

One more toasties on our list, Zaras Cafe is also located in the LifeStyle Center, their bacon and cheese on white is must if you're in the area. For R39 this is best bang for your buck, and its just happens to be one off the tastiest too! Solid 8/10 and Zaras gets our stamp of approval!

Price - R39

Cheesyness - 3/5

Crunch - 4/5

String factor - 4/5

X factor - None. Sorry Zara's....


So a small part of our team is based in Cape Town, so we decided it was a good idea to add Kleinskys to our list. Here is a Classic cheddar an mozzarella toasted sandwich that is generous on the cheese without being overbearing. At R68 expect a light crunch that gives enough textural gratification, let's not forget the tomato soup as a dip. 5/5 all around.

Price - R68

Cheesyness - 4/5

String factor - 5/5

Crunch - 2/5

X factor - Tomato soup as a dipping sauce. Worth it!!

Burndale Bistro

Burndale bistro

Burndale is a quaint open plan Coffee Bistro/restaurant situated on Burnedale Farm Umhlali that just happens to make an inside toastie! This one for me takes the cake. Cheesy, stringy, and tasty with a decent crunch!

Price - R58

Cheasyness - 5/5

String factor - 4/5

Crunch - 4/5

X factor - An all round tasty hidden gem.

At the end of the day, nothing beats a homemade toasted sandwich, but the ones mentioned on this list all have a special place in our hearts, not to mention, hit the spot in our bellies for those cold and rainy winter days.


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