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THAT Oscars Klap 💥

It’s Friday….and this entire week my body has felt like it’s been hit by a bus. Too be expected after two months of not working out and then going to Ringside everyday for the last week. Worth it! Now that it’s closing to the end of the week, I thought I’d share 3 Instagram accounts that will make you a smarter, happier and a more productive human. Take look 👇

Liz and Mollie Visual wisdom to get you through your week.

Menal Model

Simplified ideas on creativity and personal development.

Lucky Moment

Signal in a world of noise.

Compounding growth

These are just a collection of some of the posts that I've found the most value in!

Now for this week's issue!

- Nic ✌


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Things we love

Why mommy drinks

"Why Mommy Drinks" is a weekly comedy podcast. In each episode, host Betsy Stover talks with fellow parents about what their kids did that broke them that week and maybe even drove them to drink.

Human Resources from Netflix

If you were a fan of Netflix's Big Mouth, then you're definitely going to be a Big Fan of Human Resources. The spinoff is a self-described mashup of Big Mouth and The Office, though we'd venture that the jokes are even more eye-roll-worthy than Michael Scott's flat innuendos. Still, Human Resources is a warm and humorous reflection on the human condition. Although it's animated, this is strictly not for kids!

Beautiful cafe

For a touch of Durban Poison in the Mother City, make your way to Ground Zero in the eclectic suburb of Observatory. The cafe also serves up expertly prepared coffee, buttery pastries, and freshly prepared vegan and vegetarian meals. A bohemian paradise well worth a visit!

Stretching your muscles

Through a map of our body’s most important muscles, the Musclewiki shows you which exercises and stretches help you build up strength.


Padlock app

With the endless amount of online profiles we have today, it can be hard to keep all those passwords organised. Here is a tool that takes all that headache away and makes it all managable! You can thank us later.

Weed of the Week Spekboom


I know, everyone is doing the spekboom thing. But at this time when you might need to boost your Vitamin C levels, it is a good thing to have a plant or two in your garden. Particularly if you would like to attract elephants – elephants LOVE spekboom. Well, I used to do that, now I pick a few on my daily walk up and down the driveway. You could chop it up and add to steamed potatoes or toss into a cherry tomato (so abundant at the moment) and chickpea salad, spekboom is fabulous with cheese. If you are thirsty, the leaves will quench thirst and help with dehydration.

Ruth and Josh, like many of us, had always dreamt of a life filled with tales of many travels - the difference between us and the full-time @life_of_betts wanderers? They took the risk, built a life around their dream, hit the road and have never looked back - this is their story.


WORTHY 5: Nic Acampora

Five recommendations by biokineticist Nic Acampora (@nic_thebio)

Picture of a Biokineticist, Nic Acampora

A piece of advice worth passing on: Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

An instagram account worth following: @moveu This educational account will help you learn about how to look after your body from an exercise perspective doing so in a different and funky way that makes it simple for everyone to relate to and follow.

A place worth visiting: Tembe Elephant Park This is my favourite bush getaway. It's simple, raw and not pretentious. You get to appreciate the beauty and peace of Northern KZN thanks to this colonial style safari camp. The camp is community-run and the deep-rooted feeling of home shines through, all the way from the food and hospitality to the game drives.

An app worth downloading: Strava If you are a fitness fanatic you need to join the biggest fitness social media platform. Strava allows you to track your progress and take part in challenges, all whilst creating a community around the sport you love.


Heard & read

A pick what we've been listening to and read that's caught our eye.

Big Magic Book

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the best-selling “Eat, Pray, Love”, is a master of creative living. In this book, she shares stories from her own life, as well as those from her friends and the people who have inspired her, to encourage us to live our creativity, tackle what we most love and face down what we most fear. A great read for anyone with a passion for any kind of creative pursuit!

Arcade fire album

If you've never heard Arcade Fire, here's a sign that you're ready to meet your new favourite band. The latest singles from the Canadian supergroup mark a return to Arcade Fire doing Arcade Fire – lush, rich, catchy and infinitely singable songs which will quickly become the soundtrack to your life. Enjoy!





Curated selection of good reads

FOOD FOR THOUGHT A curated selection of good reads

THAT Oscars Klap 💥 Anyone watching the Oscars this week could only look on in horror as nominee Will Smith stormed the stage and gave presenter Chris Rock what we in South Africa would call a proper klap. Read more

The Wonder of Walking 🚶 Life & Style writer Shannon Devy was never much of a walker, but all that changed when she adopted a little rescue pup. Read more

Moon Dust is Going On Sale 🌚 A sample of moon dust collected by Neil Armstrong during the Apollo 11 mission will go under the hammer in New York next month, expected to fetch at least $ 1 Million! Read more

How Wordle Took Over the Internet ✅ Josh Wardle, a software engineer in Brooklyn, knew his partner loved word games, so he created a guessing game for just the two of them. Now it's a global phenomenon. Read more


Coast to Coast

Aesthetically pleasing images from opposites ends of South Africa

Bikini Beach

Super Moon Cape Town

hollar Trails

Super Moon Durban


Top of the pods

Overhead on the podcast this week:

Sex in Afrikaans

IIt is no secret that university students across the globe casually trade Ritalin and other ADHA drugs - snorting or swallowing them without a prescription. But, more recently, school kids as young as 15 have also begun to participate in the abuse of these drugs. Leading expert on drug abuse and founder and CEO of the Against Drugs and Child Abuse (ADCA) recovery centre discusses this alarming trend with us. Listen on Life & Style podcasts


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