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Kitsch Is Back! Kit Out Your Kitchen With These Kitschy Products

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Kitsch has made a comeback. We've gone out and found the most outrageously kitcsch products that money can buy to kit(sch) our your kitchen. If you thought that sparsely decorated minimalist kitchens were still stylish in 2022, think again. The kitsch revival is still kicking! But first - let us answer the question...

What does kitsch mean?

Back in the day, kitsch was a term used to describe cheap, garish designs that were made in poor taste. Generally, kitsch uses popular or cultural iconography in humorous ways to appeal to the masses.

In the kitsch revival, however, kitsch is cool. In the great postmodern age, it's fun to approach your life and style (wink wink) with a good sense of humour. Kitsch encourages a tongue-in-cheek aesthetic that brings a bright, quirky flourish to your home.

Read on and find our curated selection of items to kitschify your kitchen, stat!

Kitschy kitchen tools

While they're more cute than kitsch, we couldn't pass up an opportunity to share these adorable Biscuit Design Wheat Straw Bento Lunch Box With Spoon from UHQ. The three-tier design makes them ideal for stacking foods that you don't want getting soggy, and the wheat straw material is fully biodegradable! Eating lunch out of these makes me feel like a Polly Pocket doll.

Anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen knows what it's like to be permanently perfumed with the pong of garlic and onion. The scent never seems to leave your fingertips! That is unless you have this Magic Soap Fish from the local King of Kitsch, Big Blue. This stainless steel "soap" works by binding the sulphur compounds found in garlic, onions, and fish, removing them from your skin altogether. Science is amazing!

Now, it doesn't get much more kitsch than psychedelic fuchsia chrome-plated cutlery! This C&E 4-Piece Flatware Set from UHQ is sure to turn heads. Maybe from the International Space Station, even. Who doesn't love a funky fork?

Kitschy kitchen appliances

Sometimes, you have to dream big. Bigger. To make a statement kitchen, you've got to fill it with statement pieces. Those are just the facts.

We'll start with a showstopper. The Dolce and Gabbana Smeg Collection has been nothing short of a glorious assault on the senses. This Smeg Dolce and Gabbana 1500W 4 Slice Toaster looks like something Frida Kahlo would have in her kitchen. At a cool R13,999 from Yuppiechef, it's a kitsch artwork that you'll be passing down in your will for sure.

Smeg is smashing it out of the park with their kitsch(en) appliances. If the toaster tickled your fancy, then you'll definitely be down for this groovy Smeg Coca Cola 50s Style Fridge from Hirsch's.

Now that's a trip. The photograph is nearly as good as the real thing. I'd half expect to open the door and have the Mystery Gang tumble out. That's the beauty of kitsch, though. It's all about funk and fun!

Kitschy mugs and glasses

Kit out your coffee station with the ultimate kitsch accessories: stoneware and glassware. This is an easy and accessible way to add a touch of kitsch to your kitchen without going all out.

Shop the rainbow with this PANTONE Pride Espresso Mug Gift Box from Yuppiechef. The range comes with seven delightful, handmade 120ml cups that are sure to brighten your kitchen and charm your guests. Keep 'em for yourself or gift them to a foodie friend. Aren't they just gorge?

Typo currently stocks a wide range of super kitschy mugs with South Africanisms on them! Our favourite is this Daily Mug:

Take your kitsch energy wherever you go with this Crystal Elixir Water Bottle - Amethyst from Superbalist. Pairs well with reading your horoscope and a monthly moon ritual.


The final word on 2022 style trends is this: the kitsch is back! Kitsch out your kitchen to your heart's desire. As long as you're having as much fun as you are having funk, you're doing it right.


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